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Claire Abelard has never been normal. She has always been able to see and communicate with energy projections, or the entities more commonly known as ghosts. As an agent of the Bureau for Historical Preservation, her abilities come in handy on the job, but they tend to complicate every other aspect of her life.

Now, four months after a series of world-shattering events in Galveston, Claire’s life is still in turmoil. No one at Bureau headquarters in Boston will even acknowledge the existence of the sinister secret organization known as The Syndicate, but Claire is convinced they are behind the disappearances of dozens of rogue energy projections.

When Claire hears that rogues in New Orleans are behaving strangely, she immediately joins the investigation. As she and her fellow agents unravel the new mystery, they discover The Syndicate has more ominous plans for the rogues than simply making them disappear… and it appears they have plans for Claire as well.

Ghost Agents: Revelations is a cozy, paranormal mystery that continues the story of Claire Abelard and her work with the Bureau for Historical Preservation.

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Ghost Agents: Lone Star

Ghost Agents: Lone Star – just in time for Texas Independence Day (March 2)!

Get your free copy of the first installment of Ghost Agents: Lone Star, a collection of short stories that will be a companion to the original Ghost Agents Trilogy & hopefully launch a new series later, expanding the Ghost Agents universe!

This installment, which takes place at the San Jacinto Battleground, introduces a new mystery and sets us up for the installments to follow!

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Project Lachesis

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Project Lachesis is available now in both hardcopy and Kindle version through!

Check it out!

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“Everything changed when the fog rolled in…”

When a top secret government weapons project goes terribly wrong, a mysterious fog spreads over the globe, wiping out 90% of Earth’s population.

In the aftermath, Lara Gilliam, a nurse and single mother from Galveston, Texas, must face the pain of her loss and somehow build a new life in the post-fog world. Along with an eclectic group of fellow survivors, which includes Russell Bennett, a potential love interest from before the fog, Lara relocates to Houston and begins to find a new normal. But after all that she’s lost, will she ever find the courage to open her heart again?

Over a thousand miles away, at a research facility on the campus of the University of Nevada Las Vegas, dark and sinister forces are secretly at work developing a new weapon. This weapon, if unleashed, has the power to finish what the fog started and destroy everything the survivors have struggled to rebuild.

After moving to Las Vegas in hopes of reuniting with her loved ones, Lara’s world is turned upside down once again when she unwittingly learns the truth about the fog and the deadly virus it contained, a terrifying secret that those responsible will kill to keep hidden. In a desperate race to stop another global apocalypse, Lara finds herself in a high-stakes game of government intrigue that threatens the lives of the people she loves…and the rest of the world’s survivors as well.